Thursday, October 9, 2014

♥ Rose Cream Cake JSK Dress ♥

It's October~
The weather is getting chilly~
This is the season when I find burgundy color most attractive +_+ ♥
So we released a elegant rose printed lolita dress in this color >_< ♪
I had fun working with images for this dress because it had lots of classy and elegant aspect which is really attractive but not Pinkly Ever After's usual style~
Our usual mix of pastel fairy kei, magical girl style, and other dolly cute all that is of course still my favorite, but sometimes trying and creating new stuff is really inspiring and fun !!
Also it's great that Pinkly Ever After is known for its certain original character, but there are still so much more variaties we want to showcase and deliver to you one by one, so I guess this can be the start of them ^___^ ☆
For the Pinkly Ever After's new season dress photoshoot,
we found a really pretty cafe which looks like it is hidden in a little enchanted forest in a fairy tale~!!
And there was an enchanted singing bird,
Inside the cafe was really cozy and cute too~^_^ ♬
We want to share a glimpse of how magical and fairy tale like everything was that day~ ^_^
Please check this out ☆

This cafe is called Lily Marlene and it's near Hye-hwa station, FYI if you ever visit Korea~
You would have a lovely time here~ >_<
We passed by Baskin Robbins on our way and they had the cutest door knob >____< ♡ ♡ ♡
 I wish I could have a big mountain of ice cream to eat up with that size of a spoon >_< ☆
There was a beautiful sunset on our way back and I felt so complete sitting all dolled up in a local bus, haha ^_^
Now~~ I will have to show you more detailed photos of our lovely Rose Cream Cake dress ^___^ ♥
We named it Rose Cream Cake dress because the dress consist of top dress part and underskirt part, and the top skirt over the underskirt looks like a cake decoration~
When we were staring at the dress (I admit that we do it often because we fall in love with our clothings...), we somehow felt like we could smell the rose scent, and that reminded us of the delicate rose flavored macarons and other desserts, so all of a sudden, the dress looked really yummy to us.
 And it still does until this very day U㉦U...☆
So here goes the detailed photos~~~~~~~~~










Thank you for reading~~~ ^_^☆

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