Thursday, October 16, 2014

♡ A Date with Cutest Maid in Japan ♡

Two weeks ago, we went to a wedding of Mana and Sanhwa~
Mana is the designer of Baroque, a Korean Lolita Brand,
and Sanhwa is the music producer who produced Pinku! Project's mini album ^_^  
We have known each other for several years now,
and it was very touchy to see them get married
because they are each other's first love
and they have been together for 7 years~~

 Mana looked a little bit tired from preparation, heavy make up and heavy dress,
but she looked so gorgeous nonetheless~~~ ^_^


We met Hironobu Kageyama-san, the voice actor in Dragon Ball anime, at the wedding today!
He sang Chara Head Chara to bless the couple~~
 It was such an honor to meet the legend in person. He was so sweet and charismatic !

Ran came to Korea to attend their wedding as well,
and if you saw our facebook page, you would know that she works as a maid
in the maid cafe called Maidreaming in Akihabara, Japan~!!
I visited her once at the maid cafe,
and I was so overwhelmed by the moe moe cuteness~ >_< ♥ ♥ ♥
I never knew any place on earth could make my heart melt so much~~
I couldn't handle the moe power and I blushed so much
that my entire face became tomato red >_<;;;
Ran's natural character goes so perfectly as a moe moe maid,
and she is a great performer as well!
She actually performed at the Wedding as well~
She gave such a energetic and cute performance ^_^
She stayed couple more days, so I was very excited to hang out with Ran in Korea~!!

Moe Moe >_< ♥
If you have been our friend, you would know that
we really really love dressing our friends in Pinkly Ever After clothes when we hang out >_<
No exception for Ran~~♬ ♪
She was already wearing something cute, but we made her change into this~!!

Cherry Berry Bear Dress ♥

It's this dress I am wearing in this photo~

The dress looked incredibly super cute on Ran~~~~
I was sooooo happy to see her in this ^______^ ♥

Our designer cannot hide joy that her dress is put on the cutest maid alive heeheehee >_< ☆
Ran and I had fun taking some pictures together ☆
Since I am fairy kei style, pastel magical princess
and Ran is dolly, otome kei, calm sweet lolita style,
we are wearing different Genre, but it was fun ^_^ !!

I was wearing my recent favorite~~~ ^______^ ♥ ♥ ♥
☆ Sailor Moon Is My Great Grandma Peignoir ☆
Only Moon Princesses can wear this magical piece ㅇㅅ< ★

We went to Italian restaurant, cute gallery cafe, and went to make our own mug cups for each other, and we just had so much fun together~~~

Both wearing something red as they promised! Hehe


 Thank you for reading ∩      ∩
                                           ' ㉦ '    ~ ♥

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