Thursday, January 15, 2015


Dear friends of Pinkly Ever After,
I think that it is about time now that I share this with all of you.

I think I was one of the lucky ones that were born with a vision and a mission to spread it. I've always had a clear picture in my heart what I was here for and it was to be happy and cute inside and out. The feeling of aligning my appearance with what was within was so incredible and powerful that it was only natural for me to want to share the secret with others and let them join in. I felt the most beautiful and complete in my cute attire and it became my life goal to help others feel the same.
This dream developed through out my entire life and I had never doubted myself. This was how Pinkly Ever After began.
It was truly a dream-come-true for me to make Pinkly Ever After my full time job and my life-long career and I am so happy with how far I've come except as I learned and was pushed to count in business aspects into my decision making, things started to shift a bit.
I may have been too naive to see this but business is about money and it runs based on margins it produces. To make margins, you either raise the price or lower the cost. Being cost effective and considering efficiency was never my priority before Pinkly Ever After became a real business and business espects inevitably started to pull me away from my creativity and my ideals more often than I would like to admit. I found myself negotiating my ideals and it hit me that I've compromised my vision and I was not happy with what I was doing. It made me feel so ashamed of myself and I started to blame myself for being not true to myself. I started to have serious panic attacks wondering if I deserved to be the fairy godmother if I couldn't express what was really in me because of whatever restrictions.
I thought it was my duty to help others realize what was within by making the clothes that they felt the most themselves in and I still feel responsible to continue what I can which is that I stop being the commercial designer and going back to being the artist who is after the true beauty. In fact, my beauty asthetic changed a bit as well along the way and I don't want to repress it by trying to be the person Pinkly Ever After needs me to be. I have to be happy with myself and be true to myself first if I could ever inspire others again and I will continue making the clothes and living the happy and cute life style on my own. Not for money. Not for anything but for myself.
I want everybody to continue their own journey and whatever it may be, I want you all to remember how important it is to stay true to yourself.
If you'll need me, I would be open to help via email but Pinkly Ever After store will be officially closed by the end of January 2015. I may and may not upload new items until the closing day but if you have something magical in your head that you really cannot find anywhere else, I would still help out so just contact me via email.
Other than that, I would be on my journey to find myself again and I thank you all for your support for the past 4 years. Thank you and I will miss you all.

Pinkly Ever After,
Your Fairy Godmother,
Robin JooBin.

Thank you all for your love and support for the past 4 years. Pinkly Ever After will be closing on the 31st of January 2015.
We will be continuing to follow our magical journey on our own and we really hope you all will as well~! Someday, somewhere, may we meet again.

Lots of Love,
Your Fairy Godmothers
Robin & Leah,
Pinkly Ever After.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Everland Photoshoot ☆

Last week, we were super excited to go to Everland~~~!!!
Everland is a theme park in Korea, like Disneyland in Japan and Wonderland in Canada~
We dressed as comfy and cute at the same time as much as possible,
and we came up with this coordination ^_^
Fairy kei hair with lots of plushie accessories ☆

Crazy cute but comfy shoes~~
We will be riding on our magical animal/monster for the day ^_^ ♬

Sailor collar is a MUST for magical girl coordination ★ !!

Plus we tried to put as many plushie animals as possible everywhere,
because they are just so cute and they keep us safe and warm ㅇ_< b 
We counted and it turned out that Robin had 18 eyes on her
and I had 22 eyes on me this day... >_< ;;;;


Comfy skirts or tutus with softer petticoats~
We had no problem wearing skirts,
but skirts may not be your best option when you go on the rides~
Cute animal backpack~~ > 3<
Backpacks or cross bags are the best in theme parks !!
We met up with Soyul and had lunch there~
She was our model for the day ♥

I am in my photographer mode today !! ^_^
Soyul is soooo cute~~~
and she knows how to pose, so it was really easy to take tons of good shots >_< ♥
I will show you how it turned out~~!! ^____^ ♪

 Here is the link to the dress she is wearing~
 It is Halloween soon and Everland was decorated with Halloween theme~~
We felt like we were having early Halloween and we loved it ^______^


I am wearing this collar
and this skirt
and Robin is wearing this collar
and this tutu~^_^

We used up all our energy and at the end of the day, we got so exhausted....

Thank you for reading~~
I hope you have a candy-coated sugary sweet day!!  ^_______^ ♥


Thursday, October 16, 2014

♡ A Date with Cutest Maid in Japan ♡

Two weeks ago, we went to a wedding of Mana and Sanhwa~
Mana is the designer of Baroque, a Korean Lolita Brand,
and Sanhwa is the music producer who produced Pinku! Project's mini album ^_^  
We have known each other for several years now,
and it was very touchy to see them get married
because they are each other's first love
and they have been together for 7 years~~

 Mana looked a little bit tired from preparation, heavy make up and heavy dress,
but she looked so gorgeous nonetheless~~~ ^_^


We met Hironobu Kageyama-san, the voice actor in Dragon Ball anime, at the wedding today!
He sang Chara Head Chara to bless the couple~~
 It was such an honor to meet the legend in person. He was so sweet and charismatic !

Ran came to Korea to attend their wedding as well,
and if you saw our facebook page, you would know that she works as a maid
in the maid cafe called Maidreaming in Akihabara, Japan~!!
I visited her once at the maid cafe,
and I was so overwhelmed by the moe moe cuteness~ >_< ♥ ♥ ♥
I never knew any place on earth could make my heart melt so much~~
I couldn't handle the moe power and I blushed so much
that my entire face became tomato red >_<;;;
Ran's natural character goes so perfectly as a moe moe maid,
and she is a great performer as well!
She actually performed at the Wedding as well~
She gave such a energetic and cute performance ^_^
She stayed couple more days, so I was very excited to hang out with Ran in Korea~!!

Moe Moe >_< ♥
If you have been our friend, you would know that
we really really love dressing our friends in Pinkly Ever After clothes when we hang out >_<
No exception for Ran~~♬ ♪
She was already wearing something cute, but we made her change into this~!!

Cherry Berry Bear Dress ♥

It's this dress I am wearing in this photo~

The dress looked incredibly super cute on Ran~~~~
I was sooooo happy to see her in this ^______^ ♥

Our designer cannot hide joy that her dress is put on the cutest maid alive heeheehee >_< ☆
Ran and I had fun taking some pictures together ☆
Since I am fairy kei style, pastel magical princess
and Ran is dolly, otome kei, calm sweet lolita style,
we are wearing different Genre, but it was fun ^_^ !!

I was wearing my recent favorite~~~ ^______^ ♥ ♥ ♥
☆ Sailor Moon Is My Great Grandma Peignoir ☆
Only Moon Princesses can wear this magical piece ㅇㅅ< ★

We went to Italian restaurant, cute gallery cafe, and went to make our own mug cups for each other, and we just had so much fun together~~~

Both wearing something red as they promised! Hehe


 Thank you for reading ∩      ∩
                                           ' ㉦ '    ~ ♥

Thursday, October 9, 2014

♥ Rose Cream Cake JSK Dress ♥

It's October~
The weather is getting chilly~
This is the season when I find burgundy color most attractive +_+ ♥
So we released a elegant rose printed lolita dress in this color >_< ♪
I had fun working with images for this dress because it had lots of classy and elegant aspect which is really attractive but not Pinkly Ever After's usual style~
Our usual mix of pastel fairy kei, magical girl style, and other dolly cute all that is of course still my favorite, but sometimes trying and creating new stuff is really inspiring and fun !!
Also it's great that Pinkly Ever After is known for its certain original character, but there are still so much more variaties we want to showcase and deliver to you one by one, so I guess this can be the start of them ^___^ ☆
For the Pinkly Ever After's new season dress photoshoot,
we found a really pretty cafe which looks like it is hidden in a little enchanted forest in a fairy tale~!!
And there was an enchanted singing bird,
Inside the cafe was really cozy and cute too~^_^ ♬
We want to share a glimpse of how magical and fairy tale like everything was that day~ ^_^
Please check this out ☆

This cafe is called Lily Marlene and it's near Hye-hwa station, FYI if you ever visit Korea~
You would have a lovely time here~ >_<
We passed by Baskin Robbins on our way and they had the cutest door knob >____< ♡ ♡ ♡
 I wish I could have a big mountain of ice cream to eat up with that size of a spoon >_< ☆
There was a beautiful sunset on our way back and I felt so complete sitting all dolled up in a local bus, haha ^_^
Now~~ I will have to show you more detailed photos of our lovely Rose Cream Cake dress ^___^ ♥
We named it Rose Cream Cake dress because the dress consist of top dress part and underskirt part, and the top skirt over the underskirt looks like a cake decoration~
When we were staring at the dress (I admit that we do it often because we fall in love with our clothings...), we somehow felt like we could smell the rose scent, and that reminded us of the delicate rose flavored macarons and other desserts, so all of a sudden, the dress looked really yummy to us.
 And it still does until this very day U㉦U...☆
So here goes the detailed photos~~~~~~~~~










Thank you for reading~~~ ^_^☆