Thursday, October 9, 2014

☆ Electric Rainbow Tutu ☆

I want to introduce you our new rainbow tutu ^_^★!!
Rainbow tutu series is our most popular series and we have several variations of rainbow tutu.
 Electric Rainbow Tutu is our brightest and the most vivid rainbow tutu ever~!
 Pretty vivid rainbow colors will let you certainly stand out~
The tulle is a liitle bit harder than our other rainbow tutu tulles which are pretty soft,
so this one will stay puffier~ 
It will also work greatly as a panier to give your skirt a good puff~☆
The tutu will be custom made to your waist measurement.
(Length will be fixed 19.5 inches unless you order custom sizing.)




Look at the beautiful color gradation~ >_< ♡
We used 3 color tulles but they create mixed colors when they overlap~~
If you look closely on the tutu, you can see orange, green, purple as well~
So there are all colors of rainbow ^_^☆
You can purchase this here~☆
Thank you ♥

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