Friday, October 17, 2014

Everland Photoshoot ☆

Last week, we were super excited to go to Everland~~~!!!
Everland is a theme park in Korea, like Disneyland in Japan and Wonderland in Canada~
We dressed as comfy and cute at the same time as much as possible,
and we came up with this coordination ^_^
Fairy kei hair with lots of plushie accessories ☆

Crazy cute but comfy shoes~~
We will be riding on our magical animal/monster for the day ^_^ ♬

Sailor collar is a MUST for magical girl coordination ★ !!

Plus we tried to put as many plushie animals as possible everywhere,
because they are just so cute and they keep us safe and warm ㅇ_< b 
We counted and it turned out that Robin had 18 eyes on her
and I had 22 eyes on me this day... >_< ;;;;


Comfy skirts or tutus with softer petticoats~
We had no problem wearing skirts,
but skirts may not be your best option when you go on the rides~
Cute animal backpack~~ > 3<
Backpacks or cross bags are the best in theme parks !!
We met up with Soyul and had lunch there~
She was our model for the day ♥

I am in my photographer mode today !! ^_^
Soyul is soooo cute~~~
and she knows how to pose, so it was really easy to take tons of good shots >_< ♥
I will show you how it turned out~~!! ^____^ ♪

 Here is the link to the dress she is wearing~
 It is Halloween soon and Everland was decorated with Halloween theme~~
We felt like we were having early Halloween and we loved it ^______^


I am wearing this collar
and this skirt
and Robin is wearing this collar
and this tutu~^_^

We used up all our energy and at the end of the day, we got so exhausted....

Thank you for reading~~
I hope you have a candy-coated sugary sweet day!!  ^_______^ ♥


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