Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Designer Robin's Toy Collection

Hello, darlings~!

It's Robin here~ ^ __^)!!

I have a soft spot for small plushies and magical toys
and I've always wanted to collect them.

Finding cute toys has been a challenge for me 
until I moved to Korea last year
but now I'm starting to build a small collection
and I wanted to share it with you~!

Most of them are gifts from friends.
My favorite is the Cosmic Heart Magical Wand~~

It's the most perfect wand I've ever seen~
It makes magical sound and it plays songs, too!!
 The red heart crystal looks so powerful~~ I love it so so much!!

If you are interested,
you can click the link below to see the detail photos of the wand~

I'm trying to collect my own magical items these days~~ 

I know it's not easy to find affordable magical toys
so I will put some up for sale when I find more~!!

Lots of Love,
Robin JooBin
Pinkly Ever After

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