Friday, September 12, 2014

BL Cosplay photoshoot + meeting with our beloved inspirational artist ♥

Hello darling fairies~ ^_^ ☆
Two weeks ago I experienced something totally new and exciting for me which was.....
the world of BL cosplay photoshoot !!!
I went to help them out with their make up and photos, and I was having such a wonderful time taking their photos!!!!!
It was a new kind of moe that I've never experienced before and I felt like I was being recharged from the moe energy coming from this hot cosplay scene ♥ ㅅ♥
We took pictures while the cosplayers were getting dressed~
The night before, I have finished reading the entire manga of Cardcaptor Sakura, which is one of my alsolute favourite and Robin's ultinate inspiration! ♥
So I wore something to celebrate ^_^ v
I love the clothes Tomoyo makes for Sakura
and I also love the clothes Robin makes for me Pinkly Ever After ♥ ♥ ♥
After the photoshoot is over, we have
group photo time~~~~~ > 3 < ☆
 Robin's brother (very right) looks like Robin+Tao from Exo without make up and KangTa from H.O.T with make up ㅇ_ㅇ
Last Saturday, we went to meet an artist whose talented and original work inspired us for so long.
I knew her from a Korean lolita community several years ago, but this day was the first time that I actually met her in person!
This day I tried casual coordination ♬
Casual sexy cute reinterpreted in Pinkly Ever After style~~?! 
I love looking at styles from Japanese magazines like Kera and Zipper, and I appreciate all kinds of Harajuku street fashion styles, although I usually like pastel only coordinations for myself~
I guess mixing red and black into my daily outfit is not bad sometimes ♡ ♠ ♧ ♥
We met So Yool, the artist ☆
She is soooooo tiny and so cute like a real-life fairy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(You can guess her size...I consider myself small but look how smaller she is beside me~)
Excuse me for not being able to hide my fangirling face > _< ♪
Please check her work out because they will really amaze you~~~
And look how small she is beside Robin?!
Robin is not that big either..... @_@ ?!
We had so much fun together just talking and laughing~
The shopping mall we went was having Studio Ghibli Exhibition, so we went to check it out as well!!
I love love LOVE Studio Ghibli animations~~
(Totoro, Spirited Away, Haul's Moving Castle and many more +_+)
They had an empty wall where we could put stickers with our drawings on~~~ 
There is drawing of Robin, So Yool, and I
Guess who drew which~?? >ㅅ<
Answer is below the picture !! ㅇㅅ< ☆


(Answer: top-stranger, middle left-Leah, middle right-So Yool, bottom-Robin)
Did you get them right~~? ^_^ ☆

Lastly, I will post videos of these two days~!!
You can see more of what we did ^_^
(Caution: contains much derpiness)

 Bye Bye ☆

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