Monday, September 15, 2014

Pinkly Ever After design process and more !

Hello everyone~ This is Robin ^_^

Your magical fairy godmothers went shopping for some gifts for you!! 

These pink lip sticks, red sparkly lip glosses, peach hand creams and lip palettes come with your order at Pinkly Ever After at random~ > _< 
Who wants a surprise gifts with Pinkly Ever After purchase!?


One side of the Pinkly Ever After studio walls covered with fabric swatches~!  

 Pieces of dreams scattered all over the studio and it's our job to put them together for you~~~~

And Finally~
sneak peek of the design process of new Pinkly Ever After item !!

I normally don't share my drawings (I'm shy...) but since Leah has been asking, there you go~!
 ㅇㅅ< ☆


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