Thursday, August 28, 2014

Your fairy godmothers on their break~ ㅇㅅ< ☆

Hello darlings~^_^ ♥ This is your fairy godmother Leah BabySugar~ > 3 < ★
Robin and I went to have a meeting with an K-pop idol entertainment company yesterday~
Although it was a business meeting, we had so much fun!
We will make outfits for the cute unit of the new girl group idol that will debut next year~
We were also really honoured to meet and work with the former AKB48 stylist~~ > _<
(He is the handsome guy on the left)
The CEO of the entertainment company (in the middle shaking my hand ^_^) said all other business meetings she had so far was always formal and kind of no fun, but the meeting we had together was such fun, and we felt exactly the same way ^_^ ♬
I felt that this was how ideal business meetings are supposed to be because if all the people who are working follow their passion and do what they love to do for work, business meetings will always be fun like this~

I was feeling extra happy that day because I was wearing Pinkly Ever After's new design which we just finished right before going out, hehe~

It's still hot in Korea and I was really happy to wear something light and comfy, and yet, of course,  super cute ♥ㅅ♥
There are designs that make us brainstorm and modify for days and days until we are completely satisfied, but there are also designs that we whip up just like magic and we are in love with the end result.
This top and skirt set was the latter ^___^
Our head designer Robin fell in love with this design too~ hoho

The skirt Robin is wearing always always reminds me of candy floss~~

And in previous post, I showed you the nail tips I made for our day out, so I will update you with pictures from that day too~~
 It was Robin's first time putting fake nail tips on, and she felt they were so awkward and wierd at first but she had lots of fun with them once she got used to them, hehe~
(We were doing dorky stuff like...enjoying the wierd sensation we get from scratching each other's or our own arms with our fake nails...and stuff)
Our concept this day was~~~
of course ☆ hehe



Robin's soft pastel color coordination was really pretty too, but I loved my magical girl skirt hohoho~
I think the magical power my skirt has is unbeatable +_+ yes yes

If you want to see how we had fun on those days, please enjoy the video footage we made of those days~~ ^_^ ☆


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  1. ooooh amazing that you worked together with the AKB48 stylist! You do such an amazing job. I absolutly adore you clothes :D And the video is sooo cute! :) It seemed like you had a lovely time.

    XXX The Mad Twins