Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Magical girl style nail tips and sweet lolita / hime gyaru style nail tips ☆

Hello, everyone~ This is Leah BabySugar from Pinkly Ever After ^_^ ♪
Pretty nail arts always make my heart go bubbly fuzzy > _< ♥
I think coordination, make-up, hair, and accessories are all very important when fully dressing up,
but one thing that is easy for people to overlook is their nails.
Of course you can still look super magical without nail art, but once you complete your total outlook with gorgeous nail art, you can feel that it really makes difference. 
(I personally feel like I'm fully magically armoured ㅇㅅ< ☆)
I always liked doing nail arts, and I wished I could keep my nails looking fabulous all the time.
But honestly, having long nails alone can be problematic sometimes...and long nails with lots of stones and deco parts?!
I think that's why nail tips are so great~!! ^_^ ♬
Now, I have to keep my nails really short because I play violin in an orchestra,
and Robin cannot sew well with long decorated nails.
So I made nail tips for Robin and I ^_^ ♥
You know, we are very much into magical girl fashion style these days~
(Especially with Sailor Moon Crystal on air!! We are watching every week >_< )
Robin wanted colorful pastel nails, that suits magical girl outfits ☆
I think this nail tips will suits fairy kei or sweet lolita fashion as well~~
And I made for myself pink sweet lolita / hime gyaru style nail tips ♥
I love soft pink sooooo much~~ > 3< ♥ ♥ ♥
I love pink so much that I used to come up with coordination that has only pink and no other color...
Of course I love color combination of pink and other pastel colors too!
I am super satisfied with the result, and now we can dress up fully to go out tmr~~ ^_____^ ♥

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