Sunday, May 12, 2013

Pinkly Ever After Summer 2013 Collection

Hello, darlings~!
Thank you so much for continuously supporting Pinkly Ever After~!
We have just released the summer 2013 collection at Pinkly Ever After's 1st Fashion Party; "Before 12 O'clock" and in only a couple of days, the entire collection has almost sold out~!!
Thank you so much♥♥
Most of them are sold and pre-ordered right after the event
because the dresses actually look much much cuter in person~!!
We didn't expect we will receive this warm respond from you so quick~!
We are preparing more items to release this month
and also we have Anime North in two days~!!!
Stay tuned for more magical, happy & cute items at Pinkly Ever After~!!

Lots of Love,
Pinkly Ever After


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