Thursday, April 25, 2013

Dear followers of Pinkly Ever After

Thank you always for your loving support~! It’s been almost three years since Pinkly Ever After opened and has been trying to spread happy & cute fashion inspired by fairy tales~!

The designers and the staffs of Pinkly Ever After launched the brand in hopes to emerge all the cute fashion subcultures out there without any boundaries so girls can express themselves freely of what they find beautiful instead of limiting themselves into one or a few categories.

Some people might still be confused by Pinkly Ever After’s direction as to what genre it is going for since PEA is a small indie brand with less than 10 dresses released in the past. Pinkly Ever After’s inspiration comes from broad range of aspects such as fairy tales, magical girl and other cute anime, sweet Lolita fashion, Japanese idol culture, fairy-kei and other Harajuku subcultures and more. Pinkly Ever After is not limited to just one or two existing categories of fashion style~!

We aspire to make magical pieces to unlock girls’ heart that will charm them into the world of cute fashion just like the ones that unlocked the designers and staffs of Pinkly Ever After’s hearts years ago that led us to create this brand ^___^

Hopefully as times go by and we release more items frequently, our followers can see our vision better and understand what we want to do for you. Until then, Pinkly Ever After will try its best to create happy, cute & unique pieces for all the princesses and magical girls living the 21st century who still believe fairy tales can come true~!
Lots of Love,

Pinkly Ever After

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