Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Pinkly Ever After is coming to Anime North 2013~!!

Anime North is only a week away~! 
A lot of very exciting things happening at AN this year for Pinkly Ever After~!

Pinkly Ever After will be selling at Crafters Corner at the joint table with Alice, Dear all three days. We have some AN exclusive items for sale so please check them out if you are coming~!

And PEA is hosting a Harajuku Fashion Panel on Friday 6pm in Ottawa Room(DoubleTree)

Also, a Japanese guest of honor at AN, Chii Sakurabi, is wearing Pinkly Ever After's dress at her concert~!
(Here's her website
 Former Pinku Project member, Berry Risa, choreographed original dances for Chii-san's concert and will be on stage with her~!
-Wotagei Panel For Chii Sakurabi: Friday 8pm in Ottawa Room(DoubleTree)
- First Chii Sakurabi Concert: Saturday 1pm Main Hall
- Second Chii Sakurabi Concert: Sunday: 5pm Main Hall
(Second concert is longer and has Pinku Project performance as well ♥)

Pinkly Ever After models will appear at AN fashion show this year as well on Sunday 2pm.

[Also, Berry Risa is opening AN Idol Final this year~! It's on Saturday 3pm~! Please check for more information~]

Well, it looks like it will be a really fun weekend~! See you soon, darlings~!!

Lots of Love,
Pinkly Ever After

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