Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Introducing Cotton Chu

Hello, darlings~
Along with Sweet Pea, we have a new muse joining us this year~!

Her name is Cotton Chu
and you might know her from Pinku Project~!

She's known for her playful and natural-born-idol-like personality
and also she has passion for sweet lolita fashion~!
Her everyday coordinates consist of lolita dresses, casual fairykei and idol fashion
and Pinkly Ever After is so proud to have her as the muse of this year.

❤Model Profile❤
Name: Cotton Chu 棉棉啾
Birthday: February 4th
Favorite color: Pink, Yellow, White
Favorite food: ice-cream
Height/Weight: 164cm/48kg
B/W/H measurement: 83cm/65cm/94cm
Magical ability: Nyan-Nyan-Chu Power!
Hometown: Nyan-Nyan-Chu Planet
Mom: Mommy-Nyan
Dad: Daddy-Nyan

She just did a short photoshoot with us this past weekend
and she sure is a natural born model ^__^

Pinkly Ever After mostly does ott sweet lolita and vivrant fairykei
but, through Cotton, 
you can see how wearable and easy Pinkly Ever After clothings can be
in more casual coordinates. 
She will also be walking the runway at
Pinkly Ever After's 1st Fashion Party "Before 12 O'Clock"
on May 3rd, 2013~!

The photographs are turning out great and
can't wait to show them to you~!!

Lots of Love,
Pinkly Ever After

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