Friday, June 24, 2011

Hello, darlings~!
So, for last but not least, our contestant #3 is Yuka, also known as Yukapon. She's eternally 13 years old and she lives in Missouri, USA. Her dream is to become an Akihabara idol~!

There are lots of subcultures in Akihabara, Japan, and she's aiming to become imouto-kei(little sister type) idol there. She posts her singing/dancing videos on Youtube( and she also has a Nico Nico live where she connects with her Japanese fans(

She targets a specific niche audiences who love her angelic voice, kind smile and her little sister character. Her fans think of her as their little sister and she is a pro when it comes to presenting her image. I'd say that she appeals to anime versions of lolicon and siscon which means more in the line of being MOE with little girls and little sister. Anime versions of lolicon and siscon are still a little misunderstood and not widely accepted in North America because they are connected to sexual assault against children. I do not think lightly when it comes to crime against children, but lolicon Yuka is going for is more like this in the video below.
(credit: K-on)

You know, I think that kind of reaction to cute object is what she is really going for. I'm sure Akihabara folks will understand, accept and support her and I hope the day she will sing in front of her fans in Akiba will come soon!! I will support you until that day comes, Yuka!!

Lots of Love,
Robin JooBin

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