Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Pinku Project Graduation Announcement

Dear beloved Pinku Otakus,
We have sad news to tell you darlings today. It’s been 3 years since Pinku Project has been pursuing the dream of performing on stage and spreading the love for idol culture in North America. All we had in the beginning was love and passion for J-pop culture and we didn’t know what will happen in the future. We never thought we would get to sing and dance on stage and meet you who love us dearly and support us with enthusiasm. Best part of Pinku Project is definitely you, Pinku Otakus. In the hectic schedule during school, work, recording, practicing and more, thinking of you strengthened us and gave us reasons to make the mission impossible work.
Pinku Project has stayed self-funded, self-directed and self-managed with lots of help from many hard working staffs. That is the reason why we could stay true to ourselves all these years. And as much as we would really really really love to continue, all four members have carefully decided that it would be best to concentrate on our primary life. Pinku Project requires all of our free time and even more in order to obtain the quality we can be proud of but we have realized that it was almost impossible to make the commitment needed to improve our performances and on the other side, we all were spending so much time on Pinku Project and couldn’t help but neglect our school life and family time. It really breaks our heart to leave Pinku Project but we have decided that it’s best that we leave while you all remember us at our highest.
Releasing an original CD was a dream that you made possible and a gift from you we will never forget. Without your love and support, we wouldn’t have even dreamt of such thing. For that, we thank you. This CD will be the treasure that will remind us of you and hopefully you of us as well.
Baby Pinku will officially graduate Pinku Project by the end July and return as a normal student and concentrate on her study. The other three members will stay and continue Pinku Project till the end of this year. We will have a fan event in
Toronto and in Ottawa before we all graduate so we can see you in person to say goodbye. Details about the fan events will be released later. After graduation, Peach Pinku will go back to her designing career at Pinkly Ever After as Robin JooBin. Cotton Pinku will go back to her study and become a model for Pinkly Ever After. Cotton and Berry Pinku will continue dancing on Youtube in a group called FrolicLassie. Berry will also continue her role as a staff in Oishii Project as Berry Risa.
I know it’s a sudden news and my heart literally aches just thinking about graduating Pinku Project but I hope you all will understand and continue to support our future in following our individual dreams. Until the end of this year, all of us want to work as hard as we’ve been and meet you all as much as possible so please don’t think it’s a goodbye yet. We love you all and will love you no matter what.

Lots of Love,
Pinku Project


  1. This is the most heartbreaking thing I have heard in quite awhile ... Very unhappy and upset about this, Pinku Project was one of my favourite idol groups! I'm so sad now ... But I still love you all and I wish you the very best in chasing after and achieving your newest dreams!

    Chuu chuu~

  2. This is depressing T________T

    I hope I can make it to the fan event.

    Byebye pinkus ;_;