Monday, July 2, 2012

Puri Puri Pretty Photoshoot

Hello, darlings~!
It's been a while since the last Pinkly Ever After photoshoot, hasn't it~?
We just did a photoshoot for a new dress this past weekend and just wanted to show you a preview~!

It's a new summer lolita dress from Pinkly Ever After called Puri Puri Pretty Dress.
It's made with saxophone blue satin, baby blue tulle with stars on, pastel pink tulle with sparkles on, white cotton for collar and pink lining inside.

It looks so dolly and pretty~

And I am very happy to introduce you the new face of Pinkly Ever After, Nikii Kawaii~!
She has this elegance and sweetness that go perfect with Pinkly Ever After style lolita~ ^ ^
This was her first time modeling but she already looks great in front of camera~
So lucky to have these two incredible girls as PEA model <3

You will see both Nikii and Baby a lot from now on, and please send Nikii warm welcome~!
If you want to find more about her, please visit her facebook:

And this is lovely and kind and also a visionary photographer who took lots of photos and worked really hard during the photoshoot, Natasha from Tasha B Photography(!!
She's a lolita herself and she really understood the direction we were going for so it was really easy to work with her. All of us relied greatly on her and it was a pleasure to just be around her~ 
We will definitely work together again soon~ <3

And here's me and the beautiful two models. 
Best part of my job is to see my designs come to life at the end of the day and I am really thankful that I am lucky enough to have met Nikii, Baby and Natasha~~!

Puri Puri Pretty Dress will go up for sale in mid-July on our Etsy shop so please look forward that too~!
Thanks for reading, darlings~

Lots of Love,
Robin JooBin


  1. Wow, the new dresses are gorgeous! And the new model is super cute!! <3

  2. Leah~♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ omg the dress is so puri puri pretty! the name just speaks for itself