Monday, August 15, 2011

Hello, darlings♥
We return home safely after completing all the schedule at Otakuthon!!
Our most important job there was the concert promotion which was really just a fun excuse to talk to new people ^ _^)/
We saw the concert poster & English version G-Anime poster with pinku pro on at the promo table!!
I will post all those later~~
So officially, Pinku! Project's next concert (+fun events) will be on January 28th at G-Anime!! I know the staffs of G-Anime is working really hard to prepare a fun, memorable & unique convention, so I hope a lot of people can make it!!
Our concert will be free with G-Anime admission and this will be our first performance as the 3rd generation Pinku! Project and we cannot wait to show our new dances!!
More news will be updated here soon~~!!
Thank you, darlings♥

Lots of Love,
Peach Pinku