Monday, August 1, 2011

Hello, darlings♡
As announced, we have 2 new members joining Pinku! Project as our 3rd generation☆ Baby Pinku and I really thought we would never be able to find somene... but to our surprised, we were very lucky to find and have been found by each other♥

We have been talking almost everyday ever since we got to know each other and I really feel like I got 2 more sisters now. The most important thing in Pinku! Project is bonding & sisterhood~~!!

We have a couple of exciting news coming along so please keep visiting this blog and our facebook page to get the news~!

We can't wait to perform in front of you again♥

Lots of Love,
Peach Pinku


  1. 皆可愛い!ベリチャとコットンちゃん萌え〜〜<3

  2. Congratulations yaaaay ^o^ !! You look great together <3! I cant' wait to see more videos!