Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Baby Pinku Q&A 30

Q1 Nickname?

tsundere Pinku

Q2 Catch phrase?

Lovely Pinku! Magic Power~~~♥ ♥ ♥

Q3 Charming point?

smiling face

Q4 Why did you join Pinku! Project?

Last time I answered, "When I became friend with Peach, we just dressed up and danced for fun~ Later we started putting that on video, and we got more and more passionate about it, and we started performing live too~" which is true, but in shorter words, I will say "Because I love Peach and we love doing what we do" XD

Q5 Your characteristics?

I have many different characteristics, which I believe is one of my charming points. for example, I enjoy quite reading time, but I also like rock concerts and loud parties. I am nice to most people, but to some of my friends (especially Peach), I become really tsundere lol~ I am usually clumsy and child-like, but I try to be a mature person..>_

Q6 Hobby?

listening to music, reading novels and comic books, sleeping, eating sweets.

Q7 Talent/skill?

violin, nail-art, magical transformation.

Q8 Favorite food?

meat and sweets

Q9 Favorite drink?

water or tea

Q10 Favorite artist?

I like several, but not specific one

Q11 Favorite idol?

Buono, Secret

Q12 Favorite song?

Right now, it is Ka~mone and Girl's day's Hug me once

Q13 Favorite TV show?

Korean or Japanese drama, but I don't watch TV a lot.

Q14 Favorite magazine?

Gothic Lolita Bible, Popteen

Q15 Favorite season?

The time between Spring and Summer♥

Q16 Favorite brand?

Pinkly Ever After, Baby, the Stars Shine Bright, Angelic Pretty, Liz Lisa, Jesus Diamante

Q17 Favorite street?

Queen Street West in Toronto, Harajuku in Japan

Q18 Ideal boyfriend-type?

Understanding person who is full of love for me

Q19 Favorite Pinku! Project member?

Peach Pinku (I just met the other two yesterday >_

Q20 Favorite school subject?

music and art

Q21 Favorite animal?

bunnies, kitties

Q22 What animal would you be?

Bunny, or a bird that can fly high and far that lives in nature untouched by humans.

Q23 Wallpaper of your computer?

cute characters from Sanrio

Q24 Favorite website?

Facebook, Youtube, Naver

Q25 Current interest?

Pinkly Ever After, Ekuni Kaori's novels, 10cm's and Misty Blue's music

Q26 Favorite anime?

I used to love Kaido Saint tail, and Cardcaptor Sakura when I was little. I really like K-ON, Minami-ke, and Azumanga Daioh as well, and I love most of Ghibli animations.

Q27 Favorite Youtuber?

Peach Pinku, Venus Angelic, Yukapon, and many more

Q28 Your future dream/goal?

I want to be a person that I can be proud of.

Q29 To fans?

I want to become better at what I am doing because of you guys. You mean a lot to me. Thank you always for your support~!!!!

Q30 To Pinku! Project members?

I think I love you. Will you be my friends forever?

Cotton Pinku Q&A 30

Q1 Nickname? : Cotton

Q2 Catch phrase?: Yaha~Yaha~Yaha~~~ Yappy~~~

Q3 Charming point?: (I’ll find it out later~)

Q4 Why did you join Pinku! Project?: I love the whole J-pop idol thing, especially the dancing part, and I’m so into lolita~

Q5 Your characteristics?: I’m easygoing and optimistic~ Sometimes I ’m shy, but that’s to people I don’t know well~

Q6 Hobby? : Dancing, drawing, and sewing

Q7 Talent/skill?: Dancing and drawing~

Q8 Favorite food?: Vanilla ice-cream~ and sushi~

Q9 Favorite drink?: Nestea~ and Bobble Tea~

Q10 Favorite artist? *manga artist: Rumiko Takahashi

Q11 Favorite idol?: Yuuka Maeda, Tsugunaga Momoko, Watanabe Mayu, Yuting Zheng(Tang Guo)

Q12 Favorite song? : For Fruits Basket, Asu wa Date nanoni, Imasugu Koe ga Kikitai, Ookina Ai de Motenashite, Gyagu 100kaibun Aishite Kudasai, Rottara Rottara, Majidesuka SUKA, Gyu

Q13 Favorite TV show? : Cats Street,

Q14 Favorite magazine?: Gothic Lolita Bibble

Q15 Favorite season?: spring

Q16 Favorite brand?: Baby the stars shine bright, Angelic Pretty, Bodyline

Q17 Favorite street?: the street I live~and Harajuku in Japan

Q18 Ideal boyfriend-type?: Someone who can always make me feel that we are dating like middle school students~

Q19 Favorite Pinku! Project member?: LoL~if I have to answer this question, I love everyone in Pinku! Project~

Q20 Favorite school subject?: Fashion

Q21 Favorite animal? :Kitty and bunny~

Q22 What animal would you be?: a bunny!

Q23 Wallpaper of your computer? : Strawberry~

Q24 Favorite website?; Youtube~

Q25 Current interest? : Sleeping~

Q26 Favorite anime?: Inuyasha~I know it’s an old one, but I still love it so much~

Q27 Favorite Youtuber?: froliclassie, pinkuproject, xxxayu3, 3u10, NyappyChocoChan

Q28 Your future dream/goal?: Work in a Lolita company~

Q29 To fans?: I’m a little bit introverted, and sometimes I’m shy~ But I’ll try my best to provide the best dances I can do to make all of you happy~~~

Q30 To Pinku! Project members? : I’m not good at English….Communication might be a problem for me, I’m not good at expressing myself…But~I’m sooooo happy to become friends with all of you, and I’ll try my best to work hard to become a qualified Pinku! Project member~~~^

Berry Pinku Q&A 30

Q1 Nickname? :

Berry-cha or Berricha (It's both my nickname and my “hello” ^^)

Q2 Catch phrase?:

べりっちゃ~~ みなさん今日もハッピーですか? (Berricha~~ Are you all happy today?)

Q3 Charming point?:

Peach says my eyes and cheek :P

Q4 Why did you join Pinku! Project?:

I love love love dancing and performing XD

Q5 Your characteristics?:

I like taking care of others, so I really feel like the “older sister” of Pinku! Project ! ^^

Q6 Hobby? :

Dancing, singing, sewing & crafting, reading

Q7 Talent/skill?:

Dancing, baking, Japanese

Q8 Favorite food?:

Chocolate, ice-cream

Q9 Favorite drink?:

Orange Juice, Mugi-cha

Q10 Favorite artist?:


Q11 Favorite idol?:

Morning Musume, Smileage, Buono!, Nakano Fujo sisters, Fudanjuku

Q12 Favorite song? :

(There are too much to list >

Q13 Favorite TV show? :


Q14 Favorite magazine?:

Seventeen, non-no

Q15 Favorite season?:


Q16 Favorite brand?:

I wear any brands, as long as they are cute XD

Q17 Favorite street?:

The street I used to go to school

Q18 Ideal boyfriend-type?:

A very caring and kind person, who understands me and accepts who I am.

Q19 Favorite Pinku! Project member?:

I love all of them!!! But if I had to choose..... Peach Pinku! Because we are so much alike :P

Q20 Favorite school subject?:


Q21 Favorite animal? :

Cat and Dog

Q22 What animal would you be?:

a kitten!

Q23 Wallpaper of your computer? :

It changes every 1-hour. I have wallpapers like: kittens, fruits, flowers, anything cute :P

Q24 Favorite website?;

Pinkly Ever After, Youtube, Hello! Project Official Website :P

Q25 Current interest? :

Dancing, organizing/arranging stage performance

Q26 Favorite anime?:

Doraemon! It had been my favourite since I was a little kid

Q27 Favorite Youtuber?:

xxxayu3, 3u10, morningmusumechannel, smileagechannel

Q28 Your future dream/goal?:

I want to become a stage director for idol concerts ^^

Q29 To fans?:

Thank you so much for reading my Q&A! I'm still not really used to talking in front of cameras, so I might look really awkward.... but I will do my best and improve myself! I hope we'll be able to talk soon ^^

Q30 To Pinku! Project members? :

Thank you so much for giving me a chance to join Pinku! Project! I am so happy that I'm a member of this really awesome team XD And thank you so much for letting me do things I want to do ^^ I hope to have a great great time with you all! I love you all~~~

Peach Pinku Q&A 30

Q1 Nickname?

Happy Virus

Q2 Catch phrase?


Q3 Charming point?

Tareme(droopy eyes)

Q4 Why did you join Pinku! Project?

I joined Pinku! Project because it represents the ultimate esthetics for me. What is my ultimate esthetics? Please stay tuned and watch us from now on! You will see~~!!

Q5 Your characteristics?

Initiator and energizer+ _+)!! I am not competitive in nature but I work best when I am supporting someone. I usually never quit once I start on something whether it’s a school course or loving something or somebody.

Q6 Hobby?

Being an idol otaku

Q7 Talent/skill?

Keeping things clean and brand-new

Q8 Favorite food?

Mom-made tamago-yaki, or anything hand-made really

Q9 Favorite drink?

Clean water

Q10 Favorite artist?

Tim Walker, Jonathan Larson

Q11 Favorite idol?

Kago Ai, Tamura Yukari, Yuri from SNSD, JJ from TVXQ

Q12 Favorite song?


Q13 Favorite TV show?

How I Met Your Mother

Q14 Favorite magazine?

Dolly from Australia

Q15 Favorite season?


Q16 Favorite brand?

Vivienne Westwood

Q17 Favorite street?

Queen Street West in Toronto, Canada

Q18 Ideal boyfriend-type?

Self-respecting and open minded

Q19 Favorite Pinku! Project member?

I actually love them all but I’d say Berry Pinku because she shares my leader duty A LOT and she’s also a Fudanjuku fan like myself.

Q20 Favorite school subject?

Math and art

Q21 Favorite animal?


Q22 What animal would you be?

Something that lives between Ruby’s hair so I will never be apart and I will die before Ruby does so I will never live a day without him.

Q23 Wallpaper of your computer?

Baby Pinku’s picture from the recent Pinkly Ever After shoot.

Q24 Favorite website?

Pinku! Project Youtube

Q25 Current interest?

Concert practice

Q26 Favorite anime?

Di Gi Charat

Q27 Favorite Youtuber?

Cute with Chris, Yukapon

Q28 Your future dream/goal?

I want to enjoy what I do for Pinku! Project and also let the fans enjoy when they watch us.

Q29 To fans?

Thank you for supporting Pinku! Project!! I wait for the day we meet again!!

Q30 To Pinku! Project members?

Hello, my sisters. I am so glad that we have each other. It’s not easy to find someone who you can connect and trust, but I have you guys to share my thoughts with. Let’s have fun and try our best to make our performance the best ever!! Yay~!!

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