Friday, June 17, 2011

Hello, everyone.
This is Peach Pinku, the leader of Pinku! Project. Today I have an announcement about the 2nd generation Pinku! Project members. As of today, Candy Pinku and Cherry Pinku will be graduated from Pinku! Project to concentrate on their school and study.

We went through so much together in short period of time and I really feel.. well, I don't know how to say.. ; _;) However, they've actually joined in solely for AN 2011 concert and they accelerated the expectation. Both Candy and Cherry were new to pretty much everything Pinku! Project was about but they learned and adapted quickly and became one of us. Our foursome was a great journey and we will never forget the time we spent together.

I respect their decision and I want to support and send my bestest PINKU wishes to whatever they choose to do for their future. And Baby Pinku and I will continue Pinku! Project knowing that we have all their love and support, too, and we promise to do out best to deliver better performances to you.

Please wish them luck with us and keep supporting Pinku! Project, everyone~!
Thank you!!

Peach Pinku


  1. Good luck for the Pinku!Project~ ☆ ! ^*^ I love you all! :3

  2. oooh, it is really sad that they are quitting! ;_;
    I did not even get to see all of you!
    I hope I will be able to see Pinku Project in real life one time ^-^
    Really looking forward to hear what is coming! ^^
    Good luck!