Monday, June 20, 2011

Hello, darlings~
Here is Cherry's goodbye letter to you.. T _T)/

Cherry also writes;
"Thank you so much Pinku Project for letting me experience this magical moment! I will definitely miss you Peach and Baby! Thank you so much for this wonderful opportunity! > . < I will be rooting Pinku Project all the way for the future!! I am going to miss all the moments we all had together and the hard work we had put into performances! I feel as if I only been in the group for such a short time :( But you know as they say; Time flies when you're having fun! and in this case we had so much fun! ^ ____ ^ ♥ Again! Thank you so much! ♥"

Thank you for everything Cherry.. Thank you for joining Pinku! Project and everything you did as Pinku! Project members~!!!!!

Lots of Love,
Robin Joobin

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