Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Well-being Perfume Mist

Pinkly Ever After always spray perfume mist on our clothes before sending to make sure that your first encounter with our item is a lovely experience~^-^ ☆
Current perfume mist has herbal extracts and phytoncides (natural compound that comes from the woods) for your well being~
It has fresh floral scent of bergamot, jasmine, and rose ♪

As you know, we carry both original items and select items~
Some new clothes have factory smell which is not magical at all..
(For your tip, I recommend washing all your new clothes before wearing because new clothes have been carried around places like factories and wholesale places. Not just ours, but any other clothes. Don’t forget to hand-wash our original items ^-^)
So I hope you like this floral scent and it makes your first meeting with your magical item more special > _< ☆

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