Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Pinkly Ever After at Anime North 2014

Hello, darlings
Pinkly Ever After had a table at Anime North 2014☆
We brought lots of AN exclusive items again this year~ ^__^

 It was lovely to meet you all in person
and see how you dress and help you dress~!

Pinkly Ever After's designer Robin JooBin
the model Cotton Chu

Pinkly Ever After participated in the fashion show this year
to showcase some of the new dresses~!

The models looked super cute in fairy-lolita, sweet lolita and coutry-style lolita★

The crowd cheered really loudly for Pinkly Ever After girls on the catwalk^__^

Polaroid photos of the runway and the backstage♡

Also, lolita model, Aoki Misako visited Pinkly Ever After~!
She got one of the original magical charm from our table☆
So cute~!

Chloe and Berry at the lolita tea party♥

Thank you so much for your warm support again.
We had a really lovely time at Anime North~!
Hope to see you all soon again ^__^

Lots of Love,
Pinkly Ever After

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