Monday, November 11, 2013

Happy&Cute Virus Project

Hello, darlings~
Pinkly Ever After would like to announce the new project called 
Happy&Cute Virus Project~!! 
We’ve been preparing this for over a month now 
and we would like to tell you a bit about how this project started.

I’ve met lots of people telling me how they thought pastel and colorful fashion was cute 
but they didn’t have courage to wear this style which made me really sad. 
I think the reason why they thought this way is because 
cute pastel fashion is different from mainstream style and 
people throw judgement at you if you are slightly different from what is considered “normal.”

I have been choosing what I think is beautiful over fitting in 
because it gives me unexplainable joy to just display what’s inside externally 
with no restrains 
but I’d have to say it’s not always easy.

So I invented this Happy&Cute Virus and picked 7 girls all around the world 
who I admire for their strength and style 
and asked them to be the initial carriers of the virus☆ 
They are again asked to find a girl 
who might think this colorful fashion is cute but is afraid to try it or 
just needs a bit of help in dressing up 
and transform them into a fairy princess, lolita, magical girl or whatever they want to be~! 
This way, we will have 14 cute girls after the first project which is the double the number!! 

This is how Pinkly Ever After wants to spread happiness and cuteness all over the world~♥ 
We are going to make a video of this transformation 
and show you what happens in about a month^__^)! 
Hope you are all excited for this new project 
and send us message if you have any questions or any suggestions! 
We are always here to listen~!
Thank you always for your warm support~!
Lots of Love,
Robin JooBin


  1. What a adorable project! *-*
    awww Mio! I make a photo with her at a big convention in Germany. >w< <3

  2. Yayyy! I sure hope a lot of people can spread their cute virus easily with no shame! <3 ٩(^ᴗ^)۶

  3. What a wonderful idea!! I'll admit I love the fashion but I don't have a chance to wear it often because it's so different from what everyone else wears and I'm not used to the attention so it's difficult for me. I hope the Virus project goes well and like a real virus, it should spread more and more...^_^

  4. Super excited! Has the video come out yet?