Monday, October 7, 2013

Pinkly Ever After's New Magical Studio

Hello, darlings~
Pinkly Ever After has been safely relocated in Seoul, Korea, thanks to your loving support~!
Baby and Robin have celebrated their commitment to their partnership and to Pinkly Ever After
just before PEA studio officially opens
and Lin and Jin from the first generation Pinku Project
were also there to witness the ceremony.
We invite you to the PEA partnership commitment ceremony as well
through this video~!

It was a very meaningful and sweet moment for all four of us
and especially for Baby and Robin
since we want to dedicate our lives into serving magical girls all around the world
no matter what happens~!
We hope you will join us on this magical and exciting journey and
discover the magic with us~!
Lots of Love,
Pinkly Ever After

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