Friday, July 26, 2013

Harajuku Fashion Party: Before 12 O'clock in Atomic Lollipop

Are you ready to accept your fate to turn yourself into a fairy tale princess \
that's been hiding in your heart all this time~? 
Come to this magical Harajuku fashion party 
and learn all types of Japanese street fashion from the experts 
and watch the live performances to get the party going~! 
You can bring your 
old lolita dresses, 
fairykei outfits, 
your handmade items 
& etc to exchange or to sell~! 
This will be a good chance for a beginner in Harajuku fashion 
to get a good deal on a quality brand items~! 
We will also have a Canada's Next Top Lolita competition and judging 
and giveaways and more~! 
Please join us, all of you magical girls out there in GTA~!

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