Tuesday, February 19, 2013

What happens to Pinku Project members now~?

Hello, darlings~

Pinku Project has graduated last month
and the four members are going to follow their own dreams from now on.

You can still reach them in the following links in the future.

Peach Pinku(Robin JooBin) can be reached at Pinkly Ever After. 
She is the main designer of the brand.

Baby Pinku(Baby Sugar) can be reached at Baby Sugar Facebook page. 
She will be modeling and she will update you with her future activities on her page.

Berry Pinku(Berry Risa) can be reached at Berry Risa Facebook page. 
She will be working at IT industry and also persue her path as a solo artist.

Cotton Pinku(Cotton Chu) can be reached at Cotton Chu 棉棉啾 Facebook page. 
She will be modeling and dancing on her own as well.

  Please support their new journey and treasure our happy Pinku memories with smile ♥
Thank you so much for supporting Pinku Project for the past 3 years~!!

Pinku Love,
Pinku Project

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