Saturday, September 22, 2012

Pinku Project is coming to POP! Jr! Halloween Party~!!

Hello, darlings~
We have a great news~!
So, instead of a simple Toronto fan-meeting like we previously planned, we invite you to join us at a Halloween party where you will dress up, hang out with us, watch our mini-performance as well as spending personal times with Pinku Project members before the party~!

It takes place on October 27th, 2012 from 5pm at the Annex WreckRoom.
We want to meet up before the party starts and have lunch together and spend some pinku pinku time with Toronto Pinku Otakus~! 
The event page is here ->
And let us know who is coming so we can plan this together~ ^ __^)/
We are so happy to perform at this party because we did feel a little sad that our last graduation concert takes place far away from Toronto and we know not all of you can make it.
Please join us and let's have PINKU HALLOWEEN together~!! 

Lots of Love,
Pinku Project

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  1. whaaah ;A; the event sounds so wonderful!
    I got my package in the mail today! ^0^ So so sooo lovely! I will write about it tomorrow on my blog :D It is to dark to take proper pictures today >.<
    I am so amazed by it really... you are so extremly wonderful ;_; How can I ever repay you for giving me all this??? Please be aware of my forever gratitude!
    Also, I would SO love to go to the event, and I am really sad that I can´t attend it >A< I hope you will take loads of pictures of the event, and make a video also! ^^ Go go go Pinkuuu!!!