Sunday, March 11, 2012

Hello, darlings~ ^ _^)/
It's Robin from Pinkly Ever After here. So as some of you may know, we did a photoshoot for new Pinkly Ever After 2012 catalog this past weekend and I am so happy to tell you that two of my absolute favorite girls modeled for the new line~! A muse is really an important aspect for a deisgner or any artist actually, and I feel very lucky and honored to work with my muses. I've been calling Yukapon and Baby Pinku as my absolute muses for Pinkly Ever After. Their childlike fun happiness is what I want to incorporate in my designs and my life as well and I feel liberated to express my vision as a designer when I was with both of them.

Yukapon has been a muse for Pinkly Ever After for awhile but this was the first time I actually invited her to come to PEA studio. As I've always said she's really sweet, down-to-earth, funny, thoughtful and very very professional to work with. I know modeling could come across as an easy job but actually it can be quite tiring to stand in the light all day long and follow instructions from others and still look pretty and lively on the outcome. Both Yukapon and Baby Pinku did so amazing even though the schedule was really tight and I am so thankful to them.

Everyone I introduced Yukapon during her visit want to work with her in the future, too, and I really felt proud of her. She charmed everyone and we are all under her spell♡
I can't wait to show you all the footage~! Please visit Pinkly Ever After tumblr for little sneak peak~!

Lots of Love,
Robin JooBin

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  1. Uwah~!! Super cute! ^__^v I was so excited to see that you invited Yukapon to model for PEA. PEA and Yukapon are my favorite idols and to see them come together is amazing! Baby Pinku is so super cute here as well~ She and Yukapon really complement each other. ^__^

    I can't wait to see PEA's new line! You're such a talented designed, Peach! Even though I can't wear the dresses ;A; ,I'm really excited to buy a cute accessory!

    (Btw, I'm listening to Aitakatta right now -- after watching your performance to it, it's one of my favorite songs! So happy and cheerful~)

    Say hello to Berry and Cotton for me~ ^^

    ♥ namie