Friday, August 19, 2011

Hello, darlings~!
So, I'm a big big big fan of Momoi Halko since her last concert at Anime North 2008. I was really excited to hear that she was revisiting Canada in Otakuthon 2011~!! I prepared some gifts and letter for her and waited nervously outside for her Q&A session without knowing if I'd actually get a chance to meet and give her the gifts.
She arrived a bit early and luckily I was able to get close to her and talk to her a little. She was unbelievably sweet and kind. She opened the gift right away and wore Pinkly Ever After apron in front of me~! T _T)!!!!!! OMG Is this real life????? I must've been dreaming....because Momoi Halko was wearing my design...... I was about to cry...

She wore it throughout the entire Q&A session and also to her autograph session. I will remember this moment until I die. Thank you, Halko-san~!!

This is the video of that moment~!!! > _<)!!!!
I went to her concert the next day, and it was the best experience of my life. I cried at her third song because everything suddenly felt so surreal and also perfect. I called out her name and she responded to me every time. I think it will be impossible for me to explain what that feels like with words. You had to be there to get it.
That was my first time doing wotagei at a live concert and I think I did it like a pro~! + _+)V One of the Momoi otakus came up to me after the concert and asked for a handshake~!!! I felt validated~! Yay~~ > _<)!!

I think she is coming back next year and I hope I can see her again...
I love you, Momoi~!!!! Please visit Canada again~!!!

Lots of Love,
Robin JooBin

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  1. Momo-i is the best and now she also got this super nice apron !