Sunday, May 1, 2011

Hello, darlings~!
We just renewed our main photo again~! It's been about a half a year since this photo had been put on~! I actually did not make this outfit. Leah, the model is the picture, made this and I just took the photo^ _^)/
We changed our website a little too~! We now have a gallery that we will post pictures of anything we make♡ And the shop page is moved to Etzy which will be open after AN 2011~!
Thank you, darlings~!

Lots of Love,
Robin JooBin


  1. Hi again ^^ I just wondered if the shop in etsy will be open for all? That is, is it possible to order from other countries? ^^

  2. Yes, Etsy shop will be open on May 30th and we will ship to other countries~!