Monday, May 30, 2011

Hello, darlings~!
Long awaited Anime North 2011 has passed now~! I can't believe how much fun I had over the past three days~!!

First of all, I want to thank some people who made everything come to life!!! I want to thank God who stayed with me from the beginning. Also my beloved friend, soul mate and partner Leah who went through sleepless nights for Pinkly Ever After opening. And my family and also Leah's family who has supported us even though they don't really understand our path(~_~haha) I also want to thank all the fabulous designers who affectionately joined Pinkly Ever After collaborations; Tempest of Sweet Poison Cupcake(NY) who designed Rainbow Sherbet necklace, Sweet of Sugar Boat(Seoul) who designed Dolly Monster Pet shoes and Amy of Aimsy Dainsy(Vancouver) who designed cake mini hats~!! Also Aya from Dolly Pink(Toronto) who shared the crafter's corner table with Pinkly Ever After and Gen who did the sweetest display ever!! And last but not least, Pinku! Project members who rocked PEA dresses on the stage and got an award for me!!! Also, Ocean who gave me a big big love and support (and also her original drawing, too.) And one more person who said she's been following Pinkly Ever After before this all started but didn't give me a name, I thank you!!! I've had an really amazing responses from everyone and I don't know how I can thank you enough.... ; _;

I want to thank Fingers, the Panel Coordinator of Anime North, for giving Pinku! Project an opportunity to showcase our debut concert at Anime North and Chris and his team who took care of Pinku! Project concert AV and other set up and made everything so smooth. Also, photographer Pavel who came to support us~~!! Videographer Andy who has always supported Pinku! Project from the beginning. Alfie who is always around to support Pinku! Project's growth. And also Josh Lacasse from Ottawa who took lively photos of our concert!! And Pinku! Project's one of the biggest fans, Kudurrumaqlu at Youtube!!!! Shane who came to help out the concert audiences and our beloved manager Kenny!!! Also, Anime North Masquerade judges who awarded us for Best Dance Number and Best Hat Design/Construction!! Thank you!! Also some oversea's fans who couldn't make it but wished me the best of luck, I want to send you all my love and appriciation♡

But for the foremost, every single fans who came to cheer for us at Pinku! Project Concert and also throughout the entire convention, I want to give back your love and make all of you happy and smiley again soon!!!

And lastly, I love you all, Pinku! Project members. I will never forget the moments I shared with you~!!! > _<)!!!! I want to thank you for letting me lead you to this long path~!! I hope you enjoyed the ride~!!!!!! I wonder where this will take us from now~!!!

I can't believe AN is over alreay. Everything's so surreal~!!!!! Kya~~> _<)!!!

Lots of Love,
Robin joobin


  1. Congratulations! So happy that everything went well for you!! You worked really hard and it al paid off ^__^

    Will you be posting videos of any of your performances on your youtube channel?

  2. Could you sell the rest of all in etsy?

  3. Namie: Thank you~!! We used HD video camera to record our concert but still figuring out how to edit it.. we will post it by end of next week~!!

    Sinuski: We will update them all on etsy soon!!