Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Hello, darlings♡
As I mentioned on my twitter, Pinkly Ever After will be naighbouring with Dolly Pink at Anime North Crafter's Corner~☆ Dolly Pink is another local brand that will launch at AN and we both share similar interests so it will be easier for you to feel the whole concept of fairy tale inspired fashion^ _^)♡ (hopefully!)
Everything at Dolly Pink is designed and hand-crafted by Aya and there are 2 lines called "Happy Kiss" which is sweet lolita and deco style and "Dearest Day" which is sexy gyaru fashion.
I saw some of the rings Aya made and they were so cute+ _+)! I am going to buy some myself~~ and I'm sure you will love the items at our collaborative booth☆

See you all soon, darlings~!!

Lots of Love,
Robin JooBin

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