Sunday, March 6, 2011

Hello, darlings!!
Leah and I just had a photo shoot for the Hana & Lolita event poster! I actually stayed all night long to finished two dresses we were supposed wear for the shoot so I was extremely tired but really, there's something magical about this pink dresses. These two dresses are actually 2 of new summer 2011 line from Pinkly Ever After so for those of you who are reading my blog can have sneak peak!!
Oh, and about Hana & Lolita, the event will take place at Kariya Park in Mississauga on April 20th, Saturday. The date might change due to wether but that is around when the cherry blossom blooms and I think it would be a lovely chance for our local lolita to have professional photos taken in beautiful cherry blossom background and also interact with each other too!
Pinkly Ever After is proud to be part of Hana & Lolita and Leah and I will be the judge of the sweet lolita photo competition on sight!!! I'm excited to see you all there!!!

Lots of love,

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