Sunday, January 9, 2011

Hello, darlings☆
I just want to introduce Sugary Fairy again ^ _^)/ We are two best friends who both love pink, lolita, dance and everything that is cute and fun. We are both 17 and do most of everything together XD I'm the one on the left in the picture above and next to me is Leah.
Today, I went to see Leah because she just completed her first outfit ever!!! Yay~!! I literally screamed when I saw her wearing the outfit because it was super duper cute♡♡ I couldn't believe it was her first time making clothes.

Anyways, I don't have too many people around me who share similar esthetic as me and I feel very fortunate that I have Leah. I think there's quite a people out there who likes similar stuff and I would love love love to meet more of you and become friends~!! Maybe later, we could all be Sugary Fair"ies" :]

Lots of Love,
Robin JooBin

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