Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Hello, darlings~!
I think it's official that I would always prefer new pictures much more than anything because I remember how I was in love with this photo then and kept it as my wallpaper for the longest time but now I am absolutely obsessed with the current main photo right now. I think Leah just lives up to her unofficial identity *fairy*(lol) I love all of her photo's including the one above, but I think she just looks super cute when she has blonde hair.

Anyways, I will continue from the previous posting and tell you more about how Pink! Project started. I was still in school and I met my beloved best friend, Yang Yang. She's kind of stylish tomboyish person. I was instantly drawn to her and we became close very fast. she and I had lots of common interests like Vivianne Westwood and Japanese fashion and so on and so forth. She moved in with me during 2rd semester and I would dress her up in lolita and we'd go out everywhere together. I kind of forced her into join me to the world of anime dance and we had so much fun together~~~~. I'd vanish homeworks to make our outfits and practice for hours and hours. She naturally grew out of it at the end and I came across Leah and her friends and that's how Pink! Project was started.

I started this whole anime+dance+cosplay+lolita thing when I was really little back in Korean and I think I will never get tired of them. I still look at the drawings I did 10-15 years ago and they are essentially the same as the ones nowadays. ^ _^) I still like the same stuff I did long time ago.

Anyways, my posting is getting longer and longer= _= so I will stop now. Thanks for reading this and visiting Pinkly Ever After~!!
Bye, darlings~!

Lots of Love,
Robin JooBin

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