Saturday, December 18, 2010

Hello, darlings~!
I just wanted to talk about our second main photo here. I thought I already posted but I was wrong. XD

Anyways, this dress was made quite a while ago. About 3 yesrs ago, I think. It was for my first Pink! Project performance with Yang Yang who now lives in UK. I never worked with organza then, so there were a lot of confusion completing this outfit. Plus, I chose to do double layered scallop which made it really hard for a first timer like me= _=) Also, There are about 30 bows on each dress so I sew 60 bows combined. . . My hands hurt now just thinking about it~!!!!

But what kept me going was that it was all pink. Different shades of pink, but pink nevertheless. This color definitely cast magic on me especially when it comes to sewing. I don't know about you but it makes me calm and happy. It's almost like therapeutic > 3
So anyway, I didn't keep too much of my old work but this one I kept because I have bittersweet(mostly sweet♡) memories to it (even though there are mistakes). I will tell you more about first generation Pink! Project on the next main photo posting. Stay tuned, darlings~!!

Lots of Love,
Robin JooBin

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